White Trevally / Shima Aji

2013/8/14 White Trevally / Shima Aji

Shima Aji [jp]  / White Trevally
Pseudocaranx dentex

(Bloch and Schneider,1801)


Out of 7 species of trevally regularly caught in Japan, white trevally is probably the most highly valued trevally in fish market for its renowned taste in sashimi.  Native to southern water, white trevally occasionally travel to main island during summer season.


The fact white trevally has extending mouth to suck annelids off the sandy bottom makes this fish the least aggressive trevally in his family. As a matter of fact, I never see one chase fly hard on horizontal motion, but they react well to vertical motion especially from bottom to the top water in rapid motion.

I caught this fish using small marabou streamer resembling a worm with drop shot rig to create wiggling vertical motion. Never successful with any other move.

Trevally from Eastern to Southern Japan

1. Big Eye Trevally or Gingame Aji
2. Tille Trevally or Minami Gingame Aji
3. White Trevally or Shima Aji
4. Brassy Trevally or Onihira Aji
5. Black Jack or Kappore
6. Giant Trevally or Ronin Aji
7. Blue Fin Trevally or Kasumi Aji

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