Honeycomb Grouper / Kanmon Hata

2013/8/25 Honeycomb Grouper / Kanmon Hata

Kanmon Hata [jp] / Honeycombt Grouper
Epinephelus merra
(Bloch, 1793)


Very commonly seen grouper in the shallow reef of subtropical Japan. Honeycomb groupers feed on crustaceans and fishes which make them ideal target for game anglers.

Habitat & Season

They can be seen all year in any reef rocky or coral in subtropical water, but the best season is from April to October when water temperature activates them.

Tackle & Flies

8-9 feet 6wt rod with intermediate fly line. Use 8wt where wind is strong or fish are big. Use #2-8 baitfish or shrimp patterns. Remember to use 12lb or stronger fluorocarbon for your tippet not to wear out.

Spot & Tactics

Best spot is where obstacle such as rock or coral is present with tide washing to generate plenty of oxygen.  They tend to chase object with high curiosity, so the best tactics is to let your fly sink to at least count 5 then retrieve.

In order to get bigger fish, you have to risk losing your fly by presenting it tightly behind the rock.