Hirame / Bastard Halibut

24 Jan Hirame / Bastard Halibut

Hirame [jp] / Bastard Halibut
Paralichthys olivaceus
(Temminck & Schlegel, 1846)

Quite abundant fish eater you can target from the shore, but not many anglers target it in Japan, probably due to the similar fact in the US that you can catch way larger fish off-shore by the boat than casting from the beach.

When you go out on sandy beach and find school of baitfish abundant, the chance is that you will find flounder nearby. I didn’t get to take the photograph of the one I caught in Chiba in May 2008.

(Photograph is different speci I caught in Montauk).

Young ones in size below 40cm is known as Soge.