Greater Amberjack / Kanpachi

2011/9/17 Greater Amberjack / Kanpachi

Kanpachi [jp]  / Greater Amberjack
Seriola dumerili

(Risso, 1810)

Kin to Japanese amberjack, but easily distinctive by the stripe over its eyes and amber gradation on its skin which gives its name.

Greater amberjack can be found in rocky coast where strong current bring both plenty of oxygen and bait. Small size up to 40cm are known as Shogo and adult fish are called Kanpachi. The one in photograph is shogo-size.

Catching them on fly is bit tricky for it has very good vision and has tendency to attack prey from its side until it weakens enough for jacks to overswim and eat from its head. You often see them chasing yet not giving the final strike due to the lack of final move.

Good way to catch this fish on fly is to use pattern with jig-like motion in minnow or squid shape with combination of fast stripping and long dart. Otherwise, use life-like pattern such as gummy minnow will improve chance to trick them into bite, but that is only effective when you meet large school of them.

Another way is to use weighted shrimp patterns and sink all the way to bottom and strip it to surface like escaping shrimp from bottom rock.