Dolphin Fish / Shiira

2010/1/24 Dolphin Fish / Shiira

Shiira [jp]  / Common Dolphin Fish (aka Dorado)
Coryphaena hippurus


School of dolphin fish come to Sagami Bay and outer Tokyo Bay every summer riding on Kuroshio Current (running on the Pacific side of Japan). They eventually travel all the way north, then return to the southern water before water temperature becomes colder in autumn.

Some grows as large as 2m, but most of the sighting of the big ones are all near Okinawa, and near Tokyo average size is between 60-100cm. Schools often come closed to shore chasing after baitfish.

Tackle & Tactics

Dolphin fish runs fast, fight hard, and jump in the air. 10-12wt fly rod with reel with good drag are recommended. When fish actively feed on surface, use floating tackle with crease fly or popper. As fish go deeper in water column, use faster sinking line with small life-like imitation.

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