Skipjack Tuna / Katsuo

24 Jan Skipjack Tuna / Katsuo

Katsuo [jp]  / Skipjack Tuna
Katsuwonus pelamis


Trademark of Japanese offshore fishing. School of skipjack tuna comes near coast between April to September riding on Kuroshio Current. One in the photograph is 2lb, but they grow larger into 4lb and bigger fish is caught occasionally.

It is difficult to catch a skipjack tuna on just casting and stripping fly in normal state for it has very good vision and like to catch its prey in speed. I reckon it is relatively easier on high speed metal jig. All it takes is a chance when skipjack tuna becomes massively excited in feeding frenzy, then they will go for any moving object.

In Japanese fishing boat, combination of “chumming” and “showering” are used to slow down the moving school and get them excited by tricking with the splashing noise on top water which skipjack tuna mistakes for baitfish.

Very agile fish with strength, tackle recommended to go after this fish is 10wt and above.