Far Eastern Dace / Maruta Ugui

2016/12/29 Far Eastern Dace / Maruta Ugui

Maruta [jp]  / Far Eastern Dace (Pacific Redfin)
Tribolodon brandtii
(Dybowski, 1872)


Very similar look to its kin Japanese Dace, but this species grow large beyond 50cm and it is anadromous often seen next to seaperch.


Far eastern dace is anadromous usually swimming coast near estuary run up within tide sensitive part of river feeding on aquatic insects, shrimps, and small fish. In Spring, they run up river into freshwater section for spawning.


Normal season fish (as in photograph) are found in inshore and brackish water.  Once fully ready to spawn, their body colour changes much like salmon, gather in lower section of river until they become fully adoptive to freshwater, and then run up into freshwater.


4-6wt with nymph or wet fly is sufficient for this fish, but very often you find lower section of river doesn’t have enough space for backcast. In which case, much like salmon fishing, single hand or two-hand fly tackle should be rigged with spey shooting head is the best fit. 

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