Brown Trout

2010/11/17 Brown Trout

Brown Trout / Sea Trout
Salmo trutta (Linnaeus,1758)


This European trout was first brought into Japan along with brook trout eggs imported from hutchery in the US. More followed over years to fulfill needs for fishery and sport fishing, but they don’t seem to sustain any place other than Hokkaido Island where they are flourishing because there are not many dams to block their way between river and ocean. Adopting to local environment, brown trouts have been serious issue to threaten the existence of native species: amemasu (white spotted char).

If you travel other than Hokkaido, you still have good chances to meet this hungry beast is at stocked lakes, rivers, and fishing pond. Wild fish are also found in River Azusa, Lake Chuzenji, and so forth.

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