Big Eye Trevally / Gingame Aji

2011/9/17 Big Eye Trevally / Gingame Aji

Gingame Aji [jp]  / Big Eye Trevally
Caranx sexfasciatus

(Quoy & Gaimard, 1825)

As Japan forms a chain of islands with warm current that reaches to 30 degree Celsius run by her side, there are many sub-tropical species wonder into coast in summer and autumn. Trevallies are the most abundant of them all, and you could find about 7 species of trevallies in Japan whose pars drift along warm Kuroshio Current. Some are more tolerant to lower temperature to travel as north as Ibaraki.

Those pars of trevallies are known as Mekki (gilt) for its shining silver feature and they grow to about 25cm long in the first year. Most of drifting pars won’t survive the first winter, if they don’t find their way back to Kuroshio Current or luckily manage to find and stay within warm water such as exhaust from power plant or factory. 2nd year fish grow larger than 40cm.

Photograph is 1st year old fish caught in Mikura Island.

Fly Fishing for Baby Trevallies

They all chase minnow pattern well and react strongly against flashy material. Consider the fact they are not mostly adult fish in water near Tokyo, you would use smaller streamer in sizes around #4-#8. In fishery where young fish form blitz on small prey, taking small popper or crease fly will make you learn more today. about exciting surface game.

Choice of tackle is 4-8wt depending on how strong wind or current is.

Fly Fishing for Young Trevallies

If you have chance to travel south where population of 2 and older fish are abundant, you will meet a good fight of what they are truly capable of. 40cm size blue fin trevally won’t stop easily and often overkill your 8wt. 60cm size giant trevally won’t slow down at 30lb test monofilament on the first run and simply break it off.

Trevally from Eastern to Southern Japan

1. Big Eye Trevally or Gingame Aji
2. Tille Trevally or Minami Gingame Aji
3. White Trevally or Shima Aji
4. Brassy Trevally or Onihira Aji
5. Black Jack or Kappore
6. Giant Trevally or Ronin Aji
7. Blue Fin Trevally or Kasumi Aji