TFFCC in Earth Day Tokyo 2016
23-24 April (sat/sun)
In Yoyogi Park

TFFCC is participating in the section of  “forest/forestation/bio-diversity/environmental conservattionism”.

Fly Fishing:


Fly fishing is a sport using rod, reel, and weighted line to cast the fly to catch target fish.
Fly is a imitation intended to mimic the motion of live bait or stimulate fish hard enough, so the fish strikes it with its mouth.
It is using material least damaging to environment. And fly fishing is a slow cycle with practice of releasing fish, so it won’t impact the population of fish.
Being slow sport also forces an angler to spend long enough time to deeply get involved with surrounding nature, and more he respects more he is rewarded as an angler. As both trespasser and observer, fly fisher is ideal advocates to take back environmental message into the society.
Fish Owl of River Iwao Asks:


Dear Anglers,


Please refrain from fishing in this river while we are protecting vital food source for wild creatures of the forest.
Otherwise, please practice catch & release fishing.


*Blakiston’s Fish Owl is endangered species on IUCN Red List feeding on fishes in this river.


Water World of Tokyo – Diorama with Fish & Fly


Water is not something that just comes out of faucet, but grand cycle of water flow in which every one of us are living inside. Fish are creatures that specialize in living inside water for all its life, and it is taking essential part of eco system.


This diorama will let you learn about the water world of Tokyo and what essential insects, crustaceans, annelids, and fishes of Tokyo are feeding on.

Fly Tying Demonstration


Martyn White, professional tier from Scotland, will demonstrate how to tie fly imitating Tokyo’s essentials.

Fly Fishing Equipment Showcase


What’s needed to start fly fishing and also showing devices to execute proper catch & release of fish, so we don’t destroy the food for the creatures of forest.


 Mountains of Okutama

Rain drops in the mountains of Okutama are filtered through the soil of mountain who has high concentration of pine tree forest than broad leaf forest.

Fish: no fish
Bait: insects in the mountain

Mountain Rivers


Fish: white-spotted char and cherry salmon
Bait: mayfly, caddis fly, stonefly, terrestrials

Lake Okutama


Fish: largemouth bass
Bait: Pale chub

Mid Section of River Tama

Fish: carp, snakehead, catfish
Bait: crayfish, rugworm, pale chub

Lower Section of River Tama

Fish: seabass, maruta, and carp
Bait: ayu

Tokyo Bay

Fish: seabass, amberjack, and rockfish
Bait: anchovy, halfbeak, gizzard shad

Uraga Channel & Sagami Gulf
Fish: dorado, amberjack
Bait: pilchard
Pacific Ocean
Fish:sailfish, tuna
Bait:pilchard, flying fish
Izu Archipelago
Fish: mackerel, amberjack, big-eye trevally
Bait: pilchard, anchovy
Ogasawara Archipelago
Fish: bonefish, trevally, dogtooth tuna, marlin, grouper
Bait: crabs, squid, flying fish