Contribute to Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

2017/5/10 Contribute to Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

TFFCC website is regularly visited by anglers from over 145 geo political regions providing variety of information from local fishing reports to shopping venue supported by article/post contribution from our members.

One of key income source to run TFFCC is coming from advertisement on this website (and on our YouTube Channel), so it is essential to keep attracting readers by engaging content.

Short Posts

About 400-800 words. To encourage a wide diversity of material, shorter articles are super helpful—these don’t need to be accompanied by serious photographs. This is an opportunity to experiment, to take a more light-hearted approach, or to record incidental thoughts and observations which may not warrant a full-length article. Anything goes—humorous anecdotes, success, disaster, memorable fish, a new fly, a trophy, a character tribute, a destination, a helpful hint, fly tying, entomology, whatever.

Feature Articles

About 1,000-2,000 words. Articles should come with a good selection of colour photos and contributing to the curious and learning fly fishing persons being informative about technique, locality, conditions, fly patterns, and etc. Relevant photographs should accompany articles whenever appropriate—otherwise please submit samples and we will arrange the macro-photography in-house.

Photographic essays with minimal text will also be considered if the photographic selection is sufficiently diverse and outstanding.

Ideal Topics in Line with Club Objective

  • Simply invite fly fishing “friends” into the world of fly fishing by sharing reports on fly fishing related activities
  • Provide learning for fishing techniques, fly casting, and fly tying … and beyond. Learn new things from new people
  • Voice environmental conservationism through fly fishing as aquatic sports by providing reports to ask people to support for the better change

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