Advert/Publicity with Our Club

17 Jul Advert/Publicity with Our Club

Our media on website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook receive visitors from over 120 countries worldwide and top visitors come from Japan, US, UK, Canada, Western Europe, and English-speaking part of Asia. As we update our content on almost daily basis carefully covering variety of topics, 65% of our visitors are new visitors coming mostly from search engines and 35% are repeaters staying between our website and social media.

As I am experienced digital marketing professionals working in this field for nearly 20 years since college time, I can tell you that social media with carefully managed publicity brings great customers in mid/long run.

1. Product Review & Product Trial

Our members are from multiple countries who fish in variety of water terrains and for target fish. You may find it useful for us to review on your product for free of charge (please cover the postage).

As for product trial, we have standardized format to provide first impression, usability design, and functionality which we also use for electrics product trial.

2. Affiliation with Tie-in Article, Listing, and etc.

This is the most highly recommended solution, if you would like to promote your service which can be only reviewed by experience. Article featured on our website not only serves as immediate publicity, but it also serves as “index” in search engine to improve your position in internet search as our website provides you qualified link.

In order to set this deal, please consider providing the followings:

– Members Exclusive Benefit: ex) exclusive discount for members, free gift, exclusive tour
– Authors Benefit (optional, if you need our authors to write experiences)

Members Exclusive Benefit serves as a motivation boost to our members to try your product/service. Concept is you can help them help you.

Authors Benefit is in the case if you need our authors be sent to your business to experience your product/service to write an article or series of articles to introduce your business.


Hawaii on the Fly

3. Display Advert

Club reserves a space for rectangle advertising space that can be provided on monthly basis. Format is 300 x 250 pixel in static or animated media.

We are flexible to do either fixed monthly rate or profit-sharing model.


30,000 JPY/month – only rectangle banner
50,000 JPY/month – rectangle banner + top page letterbox
*Please choose to submit your own creative, our free-basic creative, or bespoke creative at optional cost.


Please contact Hideto for more details and rate: