Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club 2011 Menu – update

27 Apr Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club 2011 Menu – update

Updated on 29 September.

Fishpond: All Year
Practice for new guys.
Asaka Garden or Fish On! Ozenji for half day trip
Kaga Fishing Area, if anyone with spey tackle

Trout: March- September/December
Creek trout fishing this open season
Youzawa, Uratanzawa, Matsukawa for practice run
Uratanzawa or Fish On! Shishidome for full day trip

Nikko-Fukushima river camp
Miyagi – Iwate streams
Lake Matukawa in Ito or Lake Chuzenji in Nikko

Warmwater Fly Fishing: All Year
Tama River. Carp and chubs. Blugill, largemouth bass, and snakehead
Ara River. Smallmouth bass
Lake Yamanaka for camp and bass
Lake Ippeki, if we are in Ito

Island Hopper: June-Sep
Take ferry to Tokyo’s Seven Islands for camp and fish. Mikura Island again?

Inshore: All Year
Guide boat game for seabass and inshore fish. 32,000JPY for 4hrs which will be split with 2-3 anglers

Offshore: June-Sep
We pitch charter boat for offshore with 6 people minimum. Split is usually 12,000JPY when party is 6

Research Project:
There is a rumor that you could fish Tilapia in Yamanashi where water is warmed up
by exhaust from hot spring
There is a rumor that Okutama Reservoir of Tokyo holds meter size steelhead

Fly Tying:
Exchange new patterns, if tier is present in town

Tying Swap

Casting Practice:
Group practice: picnic style or half day workout

Join FFF lesson, if necessary