Just 50 Species on Fly Rod

2011/2/19 Just 50 Species on Fly Rod

As I was re-organizing my database, I just realized that I have just caught 50 species on fly rod!

18 species from freshwater and 32 species from blackish/saltwater. Oikawa/Pale Chub from Tama River and Tille Trevally from Yokohama Bay are the latest addition. Fly hook used to catch them ranges from #30 to #3/0 and fly line from 2wt to 12wt.

As I told my wife this great news, her first reply was “Well done!” But as a chaser she nailed me, “How is your ROI as non-commercial fisherman?” Well…return in capital may be ZERO, but the satisfaction was LIMITLESS.

Freshwater Species:

Saltwater Species:

*All the fish on record are caught and released

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