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2013/8/21 Blog Renewal

Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club  How to go about Fly Fishing in Japan in English

This blog of Tokyo Fly Fishing and Country Club started in 2008 and migrated to new Word Press platform in 2010. Now this blog welcomes English reading users from more than 100 countries which demands to shift my focus on what can help bring successful time of fly fishing as vistor to Tokyo and its surrounding areas. There will be more challenging tasks, so I have reorganized existing blog into a style of web magazine so that visitors can get to needing information more efficiently.

In a meantime, I begin to work on writing more helpful articles and providing solutions. Since my time is limited, I will work with priority now. Hope this new change makes more sense to you and I’m looking forward for your feedback.


Hideto Edward Yoshida

Top 20 Countries Access

Rank Country
1 Japan
2 United States
3 United Kingdom
4 Canada
5 Singapore
6 Australia
7 France
8 Italy
9 Brazil
10 Thailand
11 Malaysia
12 Germany
13 Russian Federation
14 Sweden
15 Netherlands
16 Indonesia
17 Republic of Korea
18 Spain
19 Hong Kong
20 Taiwan
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