About the Club


Fly fishing can be learnt by anyone who loves the game of angling and it can be enjoyed in any water you have access to as long as it holds willing fish in it. You tie your fly, cast your line system, and lure your fish into biting. That’s the mechanics of this game, but there are so much more than just the sporting aspect to keep you interested for the rest of your life.


This club originally started as a small project in 2006 to provide English information about fly fishing opportunities around Tokyo. Named as a homage to the historic Tokyo Angling and Country Club which brought together 19th century fishermen from Japan and the United Kingdom, the Tokyo Flyfishing & Country Club exists to provide english speakers angling information and assistance in Japan.


Today, we are still a concise yet passionate club with team of dedicated members and good friends in and out of Tokyo to share the experience and expense of good time speaking Japanese or English while our website receives visitors from over 120 countries providing information about fly fishing in Japan.


Please look out in the future for more activities and organized programme in Tokyo.

Objective of the Club

  • Bring new “friends” who share the same interest, passion, and sportsmanship and then turn into “members” who qualifies social & environmental responsibility and willingly benefit each other in pursuit of perfection of his/her art while organizing the club
  • Provide opportunities to learn fishing techniques, fly casting, and fly tying … and beyond. Learn new things from new people
  • Support Members to enjoy great fly fishing and outdoor/countryside opportunities in Tokyo, in Japan, and in the Pacific
  • Publicize the best practices in fly fishing, fly tying, fly casting, and outdoor/countryside lifestyle
  • Locally voice environmental conservationism through fly fishing as aquatic sports by providing reports to keep people engaged to support for the better change

How to Join the Club as A Member

We are welcoming anglers of dedication who fits to either one of the following requirement:

  • Willingness to demonstrate the best spirit in Club’s motto including environmental concerns
  • Provide volunteer work for our activities/events each season
  • Provide proven skill in teaching, guiding, writing articles, or producing something for fly fishing to the club
  • In business related to the advocacy of fly fishing, country side life style, or environmental conservationism  that can provide benefit to the club such as member only discount or barter deals
  • Donation to help finance our operation

“Members” will have unlimited access to information on the website and gets first invitation to seasonal events.

How to Join the Club as A Friend

You can casually join as “Friends” for occasional outing to try out fly fishing.

Please contact us, if you are interested in our activity menus.

About the Club, please send email to:

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